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Posted 24/11/11 by tim

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Round midnight* on 24 November 2011, we launched roundness.org, a website where round rules; where squares, rectangles and indeed polyhedra of all persuasions go onto the back-burner. They’ve had their day. Now it is time for content to become magically social — and socially magical — in a way that only circularity and sphericality can uphold and foster. We stand around roundness. We let it frame us and we roundly frame what would otherwise be cornered.

Look at the way the fundamental particles of matter behave in the picture. They know roundness. Space-time itself is curved. True straightness will always struggle to be because electricity, magnetism and gravitation will always subject it to their bending and curling forces. And we: we get our heads around ideas; straight-line thinking is for mere machines.

Round midnight* on 24 November 2011, we launched roundness.org

We are round. We will be round. Our symmetry is infinite. We are roundness.org.



*This is simply not true but, in a world with no corners to hide in, you’ve got to brazen it out.


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