Dance around

Posted 21/06/12 by Laura Kriefman

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So about 5 months ago Tim asked me to write an article for this wonderful website about all the round projects I was working on. And it appears from the time delay that I’m working on far too many! Each time I sat down to write this piece another circular idea popped into my mind and I went round in another circle.

I’m a choreographer – working on a fabulous particle physics project and a ludicrously over-ambitious project to liberate dance from formal environments and make whole places dance, for which we’ve invented some rather gorgeous marble stones that make music when ever you move them!

...and make whole places dance, for which we've invented some rather gorgeous marble stones that make music when ever you move them!


“The Rolling Stones” Guerilla Dance Project Promo Video
from Laura Kriefman on Vimeo.

But I wanted to spend some time talking to you about two circular ideas that have surfaced through these projects.

Do you remember these?

It’s a planetary model – that shows how all the planets move in and out of sync with each other over time as they move through their orbits. And I’m beginning to think that we all do something similar every day.

You see I get over-excited by the beauty of how we move everyday through life and creating work that happens when people’s own rhythms and paths draw them together and suddenly, in one place together, they can influence each other. We’re like individual celestial spheres, beautiful and complex – ruled by our own rhythms, dynamics and physicalities, but continuously affected by those we pass and interact with.

With both of these projects we trying to create a circular space where what we do creates a visual and sonic response that creates an atmosphere around you.

Don’t you just love roundness?