Rotationally symmetric world

Rotationally symmetric world

I am obsessed with rotational symmetry, and am therefore obsessed with roundness.

Posted 25/02/15 by Naren Wilks

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Roundness in Cornwall

Roundness in Cornwall

Roundness visited Cornwall in early January 2014. There roundness discovered not only furious seas (for real) and angels (OK, only in books — Coleridge, if you must know), but also the following round beauties.

Posted 21/09/14 by tim

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The medal touch

Posted 09/10/12 by Heidi Hinder

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Three round videos

Posted 06/01/12 by tim

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Sphere 12/16

Sphere 12/16

Welded from approximately 1000 single pieces of construction steel, opening and closing itself like a shell or a walnut, and emitting sound and light when touched from inside

Posted 12/12/11 by Kilian Ochs

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Contribute is for devotees of round content: media and things that are either round-framed, viewed in the round, or both. Send us your images, videos, articles & links to share with the community of roundness. Have you built an urban-scale kaleidoscope or come across someone who has? Tell us about it!

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@Star_isnt_funny: @KingKnightTime that made me look like a sphere, not a god damn hexagon
@stockmalj: Super nice tribute to Diego D’Ambrosio tonite on NPR. He was my barber for 25 years. Cut the hair of Supreme Court…
@RachaelEff: RT @bxjv: small circle. private life. happy heart. clear mind. peaceful life.
@putmygamefaceon: @Pr0udB0i It is a photo of a person's circle of friends on Twitter. I think it has an inner circle, middle circle and outer circle.
@Miryokuo_: RT @subschfess: sch! praying circle: 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 PENILAIAN 🕯…
@farshadatis: It's not hard, stop using any Facebook product, nothing will happen to you. Believe me, I haven't touched any of th…
@VirusBustersNFT: Red circle It's live, the viruses leaked Busters Mesh Older man on the blockchain! Looks like the viruses are havi…
@floweuhh: RT @bxjv: small circle. private life. happy heart. clear mind. peaceful life.
@tinysunflwer: RT @hwa4eva: 4th gen it professional circle maker
@imadkhan82: RT @TheSFNiners_: Prayer circle: 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 49ers 🕯 P…
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